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Poster: craven714 Date: May 27, 2008 5:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Got your 78 Direwolf right here......

Focus on this 78 Direwolf.
It's all you need.
You may feel like they test you, test you, and might as well arrest you, but there will only be time for Dirwolf after some good lovin. You may, just for a moment, stand there in silence, shocked by the foul evil deed you have done. But, I must have been the roses. The doctors may call you crazy. Sometimes you is, sometimes you ain't. But when a couple shots of whiskey makes anything start looking good, you gotta head back to minglewood.
If you can't believe me, don't make it hard to believe in you
'Cause we all need each other, well you know it's true.
I may ramble on, but I promise you it's a deal.

Cause ya know, I was pretty set too (Set Two) in my ways.
There are sometimes when you wanna just tear this whole building down. You may have to realize you're set out on a ship of fools, but your time is coming any day. The voices tell me so. You will call down thunder and speak the same, until you understand that you are not the other one and eventually you will wake up to be the eyes of the world. You may have to drum your way to some place as helpful as the Wharf Rat association.
(The phrase that in cludes a Franklin Tower reference could not be minimalized, the words speak volumes;)

In another time's forgotten space
Your eyes looked from your mother's face
Wildflower seed on the sand and stone
May the four winds blow you safely home

Roll away the dew

I'll tell you where the four winds dwell
In Franklin's tower there hangs a bell
It can ring, turn night to day
It can ring like fire when you lose your way

God save the child who rings that bell
It may have one good ring, baby, you can't tell
One watch by night, one watch by day
If you get confused, listen to the music play

Some come to laugh their past away
Some come to make it just one more day
Whichever way your pleasure tends
If you plant ice, you're gonna harvest wind

In Franklin's tower the four winds sleep
Like four lean hounds the lighthouse keep
Wildflower seed in the sand and wind
May the four winds blow you home again

So, sometimes when the cuckoos crying, when the moon is half way down, may inspiration move you brightly. And you won't end up "sorry" and you won't end up on a Saturday night "doing" the werewolves of London, even if your hair was perfect.

Sorry if these were "reachers" or reach-arounds,(God knows if you had a nickel for every one that SDH has given you....) but note the set list order along with my concern.

In other words--Stay in there. Support is here, but it all lies with you. And listen to yourself as well as the Dead.

oh and PS ...quit fucking farm animals while you're at it

SHIT! I have an extra "e" left over. Anyone know where it goes?

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